X-Gloo 4x4 tent at a trade show

How do I set up my X-Gloo?

Before new customers have had the chance to set up their X-Gloo we often have them asking how do they get it done properly? Fair question in deed and one the 1800 For Promo team want to help with.

There are a some simple steps to follow when setting up your X-Gloo tent:

  • Make sure the area you are setting up the is clean and free from sharp objects to preserve your tent, remove the tent from the tent bag and begin rolling it out.
  • Open up the tent in a star shape making sure the roof is facing up
  • Check the over pressure valves are tight and begin inflating tent legs with your electric or hand pump, stop when you feel air coming out of the over pressure valve.
  • When inflating the 4th leg assist the tent going up by putting your hand on the centre of the tent and position your tent.
  • Weight the legs of the tent accordingly based on the environment you are using the tent.

At this stage the tent is ready to fit the walls / awnings and any other of the many X-Gloo accessories available to customise your tent and make your activation unique.

We don’t find ourselves explaining the how to very often. The German tent design is extremely user friendly, it’s no wonder X-Gloo is a Red Dot award winning product!

Further to above the video below explains how to Set Up your X-Gloo tent. If you are ever in doubt the team at 1800 For Promo (Australian X-Gloo distributors) are more than happy to talk you through the process and get you up and running so you can concentrate on the event ahead!